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December 5th, 2018

It had never cross my mind a bathroom can be built from the floor up in less than a week. Since bathrooms are a necessary & permanent room in every home, we tend to think bathrooms should be made of ceramic tile or porcelain. We can go with marble as well but do we really want to spend all our money on stone that’ll eventually need re-grouting & constant scrubbing?

There is a better way. I went with 1 Day Bath the convenience made it all the more attractive for me. (No visit to home depot & no contractors with the extra expenditures that usually come up) The materials used are custom built high grade acrylic which mimic stone without ever having to call a contractor once its installed.

Following directions on cleaning & care 1 Day Bath guarantees the life of my shower panels, pan & shower doors. They first framed my walls with waterproof wallboard they installed a new drain

It took 3 days to complete because my home is 122 years old my bathroom floor was off by 34′ my showers doors refused to stay closed. But not to worry 1 Day Bath were on it till they succeeded in keeping my shower doors properly closed. They didn’t leave me to deal with the problem alone. They kept in contact and delivered on their promise of satisfaction guaranteed.

The 1 Day Bath team is made up of really capable people, if a problem turns up you can be sure they will find a solution even if it takes weeks. Today my bathroom is my sanctuary my shower stall is roomy, easy to clean.

(no porous grout to inhibit bacteria).

I don’t need tile cleaner, Christopher gave me a line of over-the counter cleaners which keep the panels free from soap scum, body oils etc. My shower doors are a bit heavy but they’re glass & are stable properly fitted on their tracks. It really is so easy to maintain & the look is really beautiful. You couldn’t tell it from a short distance its acrylic!

So if YOU have a challenge looking at you when walking in your bathroom look into 1 Day Bath let them help you remodel the room that is often neglected & often detested because of what its for.

You’ll find an assortment of styles, colors of panels, pans, showerheads & shower doors. They have a range bathroom items devoted to senior citizens needs.

I’m not accustomed to giving away awards but if I there were a special trophy for ex: The Tub Award 1 Day Bath would be the honorary winner. They have proven their worth in word & deed. I do not know the majority of the people involved in this company I did meet 5 men & 1 woman. I physically came in contact with because of the nature of their job title.

For instance: Lauren McCafferty, Design Sales Manager whom was appointed to my home for an in-home appointment. And I first met she introduced me to 1 Day Bath & sold me on the quality of the acrylic & workmanship I should expect. She has an infectious laugh.

Rich: An expert on installing shower stalls & baths etc. Everything that has to do with the bathrooms he’s your man. He examined the work closely & can tell by looking if its installed right from the floor up. A perfectionist. Polite, with steel eyes in look in feel a gruff looking man of fine character, he also has a comedic side.

Larry: An expert bathroom installer & trouble-shooter with confidence able to correct someone else’s errors no matter the severity. Industrious, creative, quiet intellect (makes sense) observant & considerate not a man of many words has a kind face & gentle side a self-starter is competent, I quietly called him Dr. Larry.

Christopher: Team leader, a man that keeps his word & gets the job done no matter the length of time it takes to get it done correctly. He kept it all together and in doing so he came out smelling like Azaleas.

The individuals mentioned are hardworking people that believe in each other & the company they work for, a constant guide throughout my experience with them.

Looking back, the arrogance of me to have a strong dislike for ANYTHING imitation was hubris.

Best wishes to 1 Day Bath,

Satisfied customer,

Azalea L. Philadelphia, Pa.