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Frequently Asked Questions about 1 Day Bath’s Remodel Services

Are you ready to make your bathroom remodel ideas a reality? Maybe the answer is yes, but you still have some nagging questions and concerns. Don’t worry; whether you’re converting a tub to a shower or installing a walk-in tub, 1 Day Bath has the answer. Our professionals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York have bathtub and shower remodels refined down to a science. We specialize in the “wet areas” of the bathroom. With our expertise, you can be sure your remodel will be done with as much attention to detail as if you’d done it yourself. If you’re ready to take your Tri-State Area bathroom to the next level, check out our FAQs below or contact us for more information.

What Does It Mean That You Specialize in “Wet Areas”?

At 1 Day Bath, we believe that the best way to provide quality service is to have specific focus areas. Our specialty is the area of your bathroom that gets wet—your bathtub or shower. We offer four primary services in that area: shower remodeling, bathtub remodeling, tub-to-shower conversion, and walk-in tub installation. 1 Day Bath only provides full bath remodel services, so we don’t take orders for just hardware or plumbing (though these do come with complete installation or conversion) or re-glazing a bathtub. Significant layout changes or home additions are also out of our specialty. Our focused services mean that our installation professionals are specialized and experienced enough to ensure your bathroom comes out as marvelous as the version in your head.

What Does the Installation Process Look Like?

1 Day Bath prides itself on quick and easy installation. Our expert installers can get the job done in only one business day. Our installation package includes all aspects of properly remodeling a shower or bathtub. Because the professionals at 1 Day Bath are so highly specialized, when we convert or replace a shower or bathtub, we also repair and update the plumbing and drains. We know that bathroom remodeling can be taxing, and we want you to be sure that everything is taken care of by our bathroom remodeling contractors in the Tri-State Area of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 1 Day Bath also repairs and replaces the wall foundation with our mold-resistant drywall. You won’t have to worry about your brand-new walk-in shower growing mildew. We strive to make the installation process as hassle-free as possible, whether you’re looking to replace your shower or bathtub.

What If My Bathroom Has Windows?

If your bathroom has windows or electrical fixtures near the tub or shower enclosure, 1 Day Bath can work around that. Our acrylic materials can be custom-cut to accommodate preexisting windows, where fiberglass can’t. During installation, we’ll triple-seal windows and finish the edges with attractive trim.

What Are the Best Materials to Use in “Wet Areas”?

It may come as a surprise that many conventional bathroom materials like fiberglass and porcelain aren’t durable. That’s why at 1 Day Bath we exclusively use multi-later acrylic in our bathroom products. Our acrylic is specially made in our Palatine, IL factory and vacuum-sealed to eliminate any pores in your bathroom shower or walk-in tub. The benefits of using acrylic in your bathroom remodel are endless. Acrylic can last years longer than fiberglass. It’s sturdy enough that your new installation won’t chip or crack and will resist scratches and sneaky mildew.

If your acrylic is damaged, it can be easily repaired and cleaned. You won’t be needing any harsh chemicals to bring back the luster of a newly installed bathtub or shower. Regularly available spray cleaners like Zep or Home Depot HDX will do just fine at polishing acrylic surfaces. In combination with our acrylic, we use rubber adhesive to ensure that the acrylic will never separate from the existing area. We use sealer-filler as well to stamp out those unwanted air pockets and eliminate the potential for mold and mildew. For your bathroom remodel, acrylic and rubber adhesive is the way to go.

My Bathroom Has Steel/Porcelain/Cast Iron. Should I Replace It?

At 1 Day Bath, we can’t recommend switching to acrylic materials enough. Other widely-used materials come with a slew of problems for which acrylic presents a solution. Cast iron, steel, and porcelain are all porous, which means they can rust, promote mold, and allow stains. These stains are harder to clean as well, often requiring harsh chemicals that fade the finish. Watch out for these materials, especially if you’re looking at remodeling a bathtub. These materials are affected by temperature drops, so your bathwater will get cold much more quickly than with acrylic.

Can I Get Fiberglass Materials or Tile Installed?

Because at 1 Day Bath we want to give all of our clients only the best materials, we don’t use fiberglass in our bath replacements or conversions. Fiberglass has a much shorter lifespan than acrylic and is susceptible to chips, cracks, and leaks. Tiles often break as well and are made from porous materials that will stain or discolor. Our professionals want you to have a bathroom you can be proud of and one that will last for years. That’s why we insist on acrylic materials.

What Materials Do You Recommend for Caulk and Grout?

Instead of caulk and grout, silicone is a great option for your shower remodel or bathtub replacement. Caulk and grout can promote stains and mold and mildew growth. Silicone, however, is resistant to sealing and needs less maintenance. You won’t have to reseal every six months and it won’t chip or crack. If you like the look of tile, don’t worry. 1 Day Bath can install simulated tile without grout and without the need for frequent maintenance.

What Are My Design Options with Acrylic Materials?

Acrylic materials open the door for hundreds of design options. Where fiberglass can only fit to 90-degree corners, acrylic can be cut to fit the exact proportions of the desired area. Acrylic has the upper hand on fiberglass when it comes to color as well. Fiberglass is available in only white and off-white, while acrylic comes in 140 colors and patterns. With so many choices, one is sure to fit your vision for your bathroom remodel. 1 Day Bath’s professionals can also customize accessories to your preferences and install acrylic that looks like natural stone.

How Can I Improve Accessibility in My Bathroom?

Accessible bathrooms are a priority for 1 Day Bath. We want your Tri-State Area bathroom to be safe for all who enter, regardless of their age or mobility. Because of this, we offer several options for your bathroom remodel to be more accessible. We can install Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant grab bars and handrails that will relieve you of anxiety that you’ll fall in the shower. Removable and adjustable showerheads are also popular with homeowners looking at accessibility features. If you’re concerned about stepping into your old tub-shower combo, call 1 Day Bath for a tub-to-shower conversion. You’ll no longer have to worry about tripping on your way in. Converting a bathtub to a stand-up shower is a breeze with 1 Day Bath.

What Are the Safe-Way Step and Quick-Tub Insert?

If you’d prefer to keep your bathtub, we offer the Safe-Way Step walk-thru insert. This insert lowers part of the ridge of your bathtub to just a small stair-step, making entry much easier for those with limited mobility. Combine the Safe-Way Step with the Quick-Tub Insert. Simply click this insert into the wedge created by the Safe-Way Step to regain a full bathtub. Talk to our experts today to discuss your accessibility needs and options.

What Are the Features of a Walk-in Tub?

Whether you’re seeking to make your bathroom more accessible or just more comfortable, walk-in tubs are an excellent option. 1 Day Bath can install a brand-new bathtub in only one day, equipped with state-of-the-art features. Our walk-in tubs from American Standard® come with a patented in-swing and out-swing door system and a handrail to ensure that entering your bath is as safe as possible. We’re proud that our tubs are one of the few to have a lifetime guarantee on the door’s water-tight seal. The removable showerhead and raised seat minimize the need for standing during a bath or shower.

Our rapid-release drain increases the convenience factor of our walk-in tubs. In some tubs, you’ll be sitting for up to eight minutes waiting for water to drain. But in our units, water drains in only two minutes. If all these features weren’t compelling enough, 1 Day Bath offers some customizable options. Choose between a right or left opening door, and if you want to live in even more luxury, add waterjets for a massage during your baths.

How Long Will My Bathroom Remodel Look New?

At 1 Day Bath, we don’t want you to compromise quality for speed. Even though our highly-trained professionals can install your new shower or tub in no time, we never drop our quality standards. That’s why we’re proud to offer a lifetime guarantee and warranty on our products. We stand by our promise that our products won’t chip, crack, peel, stain, fade, discolor, shift, separate, or leak. Our products are scratch-resistant, and if any scratches do occur, they’re covered under our warranty. Your shower remodel, walk-in tub installation, or tub-to-shower conversion will be looking new years after the 1 Day Bath experts leave your Tri-State Area home.

What Are the Average Bathroom Remodel Costs?

Bathroom remodel costs can vary greatly depending on the size of your bathroom and what kinds of upgrades you want to install. 1 Day Bath knows that bathtub replacement or conversion costs can deter homeowners from getting the bathroom of their dreams. If potential costs are keeping you from your shower or bath remodel, visit our specials page to see discounts and benefits we offer our clients. Call one of our NY, NJ, or PA offices for a free estimate or fill out our contact form. Our experts will be happy to discuss our average bathroom remodel costs with you.

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